1. Portland based company The Killing Floor is starting to make some noise outside of the Pacific Northwest. They recently put on good friend Clement Oladipo from RVA/NYC. Check out their new video and be sure to check out their website here. 

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  2. It’s been about 7 months since the premiere of Venue Skateboards video Old Dominion and half the team’s move out to California. Since then two of the team family Ty and Jon have made their way back to the east coast, but Gilbert Crocket, Brent O’Donnell, and Will Rosenstock have settled into their second home.

    Will Rosenstock is making tremendous progress with this new video A-Street which will feature parts from Ty Beall, Jon Rowe, Alexander Schmidt, Gilbert Crockett and Taylor Caruso. It’s also going to have a heavy bit of footage from their roadtrip from VA to CA.

    Check out their blog for the video here. And stay tuned in the coming weeks for info on the online premiere here on Recordings of Boardings.


  3. NY times v.6


  4. Thrive Baltimore Broadcast Vol. 1. Get hyped “Down To The Wire” Will be premiering Saturday May 24th at Beltway movies 6 & Otto Bar. Both showings will be free & all ages!!full details coming soon, Video will also be for sale that day.


  5. Paul Hintz’ part from PFP3


  6. The only thing you need to watch this week.

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  7. Billy McFeely’s welcome to Pass~Port part.


  8. NY times v.5


  9. Karsten Kleppan

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  10. Part 2 of Max Hull’s coverage of the boys in PR