1. Andrew and Ishod lesgetit FDR

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  2. new teaser for the metastasis video


  3. a very unconventional and entertaining “prelude” to Kinetic Skateshop’s upcoming video.


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  6. MOOD NYC welcomes Tyson Reynolds


  7. damn cracks in NY aint even that bad.


  8. Dylan Fulford for Surprise Skateboards


  9. Piro is now riding for HOPPS


  10. Premiering August 21 on offthewall.tv, this series features a collaboration of Bust Crew and Cellout. Bust Crew is filmed with a Vx1000 by Will Rosenstock while Cellout is done by Brent O’Donnell with an iPhone. The show captures skateboarding all up and down the East and West Coasts with frequent appearances from Vans riders such as Gilbert Crockett, Kyle Walker, Daniel Lutheran, Elijah Berle and more.