1. Volunteers video is premiering this weekend in Baltimore. If you can make it you need to, it’s gonna be a top notch flick.

    Oct.25th in Baltimore at Otto Bar 10 p.m
    featuring- Zach Dykes, Josh Narvaez, John Baragwanath, Chris Teta, Alex Yurrita, Eric Torres, Richie Zuczek, Jimmy Lannon, Willie Stackus, Jason Spivey, Ross Norman, Drew Windon.


  2. the Mood boys section from ODWAVY. Available here.


  3. Philly, owner of Humidity Skateshop’s part from Thom Musso’s video ODwavy. Available here.


  4. SHOCK VALUE, Johnny doesn’t actually film HD. someone hacked his vimeo channel and is posting these things.


  5. Joseph Delgado’s part from ODwavy


  6. John Valenti has been working on a new video project over the past year and just uploaded some clips that will not be making the cut.


  7. new buttergoods video is fucked up good. Philly crushed it, best part easily. that 5050 transfer at that houston park rail spot was fucked up.


  8. Ty Beall’s part in A-Street video, which is now on sale for on $8. Get it here.


  9. Dillon Buss in Orchard Skateshop’s new video Stone Soup.


  10. Brandon Gironda in PFP3