1. This is more or less the teaser for LurkNYC’s new video ‘strangers’


  2. Mark Gutterman is now pro for The Killing Floor


  3. this new video El Guapo is so sick


  4. Bobby Worrest for Quartersnacks


  5. Nathan Porter in Pillow


  6. congrats goes to Quartersnacks for collaborating with Nike SB to make one of the coolest colorways of a dunk I’ve noticed.


  7. Will and Brent’s first show for Vans is now live. Will takes everyone through Richmond with some VX footage then Brent finishes it up with his 4th Cellout installment since the full-length.


  8. Andrew and Ishod lesgetit FDR

    (Source: john1wilson)


  9. new teaser for the metastasis video


  10. a very unconventional and entertaining “prelude” to Kinetic Skateshop’s upcoming video.