1. Alex Schmidt of WKND celebrating his birthday today by sharing his new part from A-Street. This video is still available here.


  2. Really psyched on this. Max Hull put together this video in association with Sundays Zine about the process behind Dylan Goldberger’s woodcutting pieces. Dylan fucking rips and the detail & concept in his work is amazing. Hyped to have a few prints from him and hope to get more. 

    Check out more of his work here: http://dylangoldberger.com/


  3. Quartersnacks end of summer 2014 montage


  4. Scumco & Sons welcomes Dave Abair


  5. The second episode of Bust Crew & Cellout hits NYC


  6. Throwaway from July and August featuring Chris Mathis, Neil Herrick, Anthony Parisi, Joey Pyle, and Mark Del Negro. Full-length video coming this Winter from Matt Steindl.


  7. Will Rosenstock just uploaded a booty-load of raw footage of Jon Rowe, Ty Beall, Josh Swyers, Gilbert Crockett, Caleb Ocasio, Jordan Bradshaw, Pat Yagow, and more from the filming of Old Dominion on his YouTube channel. Check it all out here.


  8. This is more or less the teaser for LurkNYC’s new video ‘strangers’


  9. Mark Gutterman is now pro for The Killing Floor


  10. this new video El Guapo is so sick